Monday, September 28, 2009

just checking in (don't forget the stuff at the bottom)

final foldup-brooch

Still plugging away at the work for SOFA. It is coming up FAST!!! I had to pause today for emergency dental stuff. Right before I left richmond I paid $800 dollars for a couple of filings.....that fell out while I was chewing on some movie theatre candy. Son of a B!!! DAmn you twizzlers! I go back on Thursday for the "major" work. My poor yuck mouth. I also wanted to point out a great article on Lauren Kalman by Gabriel Craig in this months American Craft. Lauren is the one of the other artists that is going to SOFA with Sienna. I love her work. The metal in the mouth makes me cringe. I feel like I am back in the dentist's chair. Anyhoo here are a couple of process shots just to prove that I have been doing stuff.
sofa stuff
sofa stuff

Some of the things that I am working on include generating 3D shapes from points on a map. Here is how it goes:
1.Screen shot of google maps background bitmap in Rhino
3.Running a Script that generates 3D surfaces from points
(This script is based on the Voronoi tessellations. These tessellations generate cellular structures from predetermined points. The script allows for cellular growth which in turn automatically makes polygonal cells. These cells are then used as the base of the brooch. Here is a great link on how to draw the
4. I then determine a pattern based on icons from google maps (thumb tacks, stars markers etc)
5. I then extend and trim the pattern. I also draw in the tabs for the pin stem and catch
6. The copper is painted and then the template is "etched" off with the laser.
7. The brooch is then drilled, cut and folded into its final state