Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sooooooo......I have been really really busy (it seems like I start every blog entry like this. I am busy... blah blah blah). Anyhoo, I have a lecture coming up at Towson University in Maryland (Sept 25th). See more info here
I have a few shows coming up. I will have to blog about that stuff later. I am kind of in a whirlwind of paperwork and boxes so yeah. I am trying to keep up with it all.

In no particular order, here is what I have been doing......

I moved to New Paltz NY and started my new job as a Metals Lecturer with Jamie Bennet, Myra Mimlitsch Gray and John Cogswell We got REALLY lucky and a faculty member had a house she had on the market that wasn't selling (sound familiar?) so she needed to rent it. We were in the right place at the right time. Here is the view from my back porch.

and the side yard...

With Liz's help I unpacked our pods (no help from the dog. Little jerk.)

I found a place in town that sells my favorite beer. Thats a Belgian triple in 12 oz bottles! Yeah I have never seen it in small bottles either. Man it was good.

I went to work and moved into my new office. Great view of the mountain. Lots of great folks here. No photos of folks yet.

We unpacked some more crap.

Liz planted some stuff. YELLOW!!!

I built a new dry-erase/drawing/layout work table. Got a nice sun burn cutting wood on the back porch.

I almost set up all of my studio

and I made a bunch of handouts for my new classes using Rhino and illustrator.

whew, yeah man I am tired. Thank goodness its the weekend. I can hear Liz downstairs clanging pots and pans around, which means she found the box with all of the cookware. Think I will go help... talk soon.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Jantze Brogard Asshoff =trashcan

It is now day two in New Paltz. Right before I left Richmond Liz's transmission went out on her Mazda Tribute (cha-ching!). Wouldn't you know it, as soon as I got here in my Jeep my transmission went out(CHA-CHING!!). I may have a fund raiser where I have folks beat my car with a baseball bat. With the money I am going to buy a scooter.
I am getting REALLY busy with the semester about to start but I will try and keep up with postings.

Somehow this trashcan [via] Jantze Brogard Asshoff symbolized all of my feelings about my house before we left Richmond. Its such great idea

Friday, August 8, 2008

more helvetica

Helvetica made from multiple type fonts with a little Nirvana thrown in. [via] NOTCOT

Monday, August 4, 2008

Anat Grozovski at Quirk

So I happened to swing by the Quirk gallery in the middle of our whirlwind move and caught the Vault show on First Friday (Anat Grozovski). Something about this work seemed so interesting to me. Each piece formed these little vignettes. I found myself staring at them making up my own story of why this little red string was attached at the top or why each pearl was on an individual gold hinge. There were these really nice fanned doilies and sheets of mica that protruded from the tops of rings. It is such a cliche thing to say but this work "exists on so many levels" for me. Oh man.....

Moving on. It was hung along the wall in almost a scientific manner, which was perfect. I love when things work. Go see it for yourself. The show will be up from August 1 - August 30. Quirk is open Monday-Friday 10-5.

Here is an excerpt from Quirk's website about the "Vault" Project:

"On January 3, 2008 Quirk will launch the Vault Project 2008

The Vault Project 2008 is a yearlong series of exhibitions at Quirk Gallery. Curated by C. James Meyer, Emeritus Professor, Craft & Material Studies, Virginia Commonwealth University and Robert Ebendorf, Distinguished Professor of Metalwork and Jewelry at East Carolina University.

The curatorial intent for the Vault Project 2008 was to present a group of exhibitions which will challenge the audience. Meyer and Ebendorf agreed on twelve artists without regard to media utilized, point in artistic career or gender of the artist. They did, however, look for a unique artistic vision. Because of the small, intimate nature of the Vault the curators have opened the door for invited artists to experiment with new ideas."

anyway here are some shots of the show (sorry the new iphone just didn't do it justice):

Sunday, August 3, 2008


Still moving. The dog and I are taking a quick break near an AC vent