Sunday, October 5, 2014

A bit of everything.

So just a few things this weekend.  I got a little blurb in the new issue of American Craft magazine.  A two page spread no less.  I have also been such a frequent customer at the local coffee shop that I started getting crazy things in my coffee.  Sad cat.  It was actually a happy cat until I took a sip without looking.  


We have been slowly working on the studio here and there.  I added a shelf in the bathroom so we can do all of the finishing in there and close the door.  Having all of the tumblers going at once can be super annoying.  

One of the other bonus things that we didn't anticipate was the North Carolina sky.  It is kind of epic everyday.  I have to admit that lately the sky has been giving up the goods. 

We finally had to turn on the heat.  Last night it dipped down below 40!  The windows got all foggy/steamy.  The neighbors dog scared the shit out of me last night.

We also got a nice gift in the mail from Tim Lazure.  This is a  great tube riveting tool!  We got two! On for the appstate metals studio and one for Liz and I to use in our own studio! 

On another note.  Liz and I drove to Bakersville to see Lynn Duryea's show at Crimson Laurel.  Great stuff.  I didn't take too many photos.  Actually I only took one photo of the show upstairs....which was also great.   You should check it out if you are in the area.  I am a huge ceramics collector so it is always nice to get to see a whole lot of it in one place! They also have a small selection of jewelry.  I thought I wouldn't come empty handed so I made some quick enameled earrings to bring with us.  Lots of great stuff happening here with that stacked pattern (pink)  

Last but not least.  A trip to that area would not be complete without a trip to Knife and Fork.  Amazing as always.  Liz and I split the charcuterie plate which had rabbit liverwurst, pork jowl, chicken liver pate and smoked trout.  There was something else in there along with the pickled peppers.  Some kind of whipped meat with chesnuts.   Sooooooo good.  I am still plugging away on my food blog.  I think I would like to try making pate soon. 

I had to throw this last photo in here because well the longer we live here the more we notice how much we were getting ripped off in New York.  Again I am pretty sure that I paid $7.00 for one PBR in the city.  The only downfall, and I am sure someone is going to point this out.  It is at Walmart.  Big downfall really.  I hate having to shop at Walmart.  It kind of sucks.