Friday, April 17, 2020

More work on the garage

More movement on the home studio front. The wiring is going in. We are putting in some serious amperage (for the enameling kilns and future TIG welder. I have my eye on a Miller
Maxstar 161 STL .  The back of the garage will have a long vented area where the soldering, enameling and welding will happen.  That whole wall will probably have the most juice.  

Right now the conundrum is that the garage has almost a four inch rake towards the front of the garage.  We are putting in vapor barrier and then 2" x 6" to level out the floor.  There will be insulation between the bays and in the walls.  We are also putting in a mini split for AC/Heat but haven't really figured out where that will go.  

The front of the studio will have a three foot wide glass security door with a large window to the right.