Thursday, July 8, 2010

I wish I could take this class

There are still openings left in Natalya Pinchuk and Dana Sperry's Penland class this summer! I would LOVE to take it. I took an enameling workshop with Natalya in Russia. It was a blast! Some of the best memories ever!

Their Class is session 6 ( August 15th - August 27th)


Aren’t you curious about what stands behind snap judgments of beautiful and ugly? All of us at some point uttered: that is so ugly! Let’s face it, aesthetic judgments are not only biologically determined but are tied to social values, whims and fashions. In this class, students are invited to examine motivations behind their and others’ aesthetic preferences. Stepping out of our comfort zone and expanding our aesthetic choices is empowering, especially when we wish to transmit and deliver messages through the jewelry we make.

What affiliations and restrictions have you put upon yourself in your current aesthetic preferences? What happens when you look for answers in a seemingly wrong place? Can you learn from objects that you find ugly and empower your making through this knowledge? How can you harness the power of the ugly and co-opt its logic for your own jewelry?

Instruction will focus on idea generation, discussions, exercises and making of prototypes. Students who sign up for this class may be contacted during summer with a request to do a bit of brainstorming before arriving. Basic metalworking skills and approaches to working with alternative materials will be covered. Some metals experience is recommended, but the class is open to students of all levels.

Natalya: exhibitions: Galerie Rob Koudijs, Netherlands, SOFA Chicago and New York with Charon Kransen Arts, Jewelers’ Werk Gallery (DC)
Dana: assistant professor at Youngstown State University; exhibitions: Bridge Art Fair New York and Miami Beach, Gardenfresh Gallery (IL), Les Salaisons, France, Electronic Language International Festival, Brazil