Sunday, November 29, 2015

Minimal to Bling.

On the flip side the Society of Arts and Crafts had a great interactive jewelry exhibition.  The format of the work was amazing where visitors were strongly encouraged to try on and interact with the work. Once adorned or purchased visitors had their portraits taken wearing the work and those photos were added to the exhibition. It was a great way to get personal with work that would normally be under glass. Some of the highlights for me were Tom Hill's new wood work, Emily Rogstad, Raissa Bump, Mallory Weston and Kate Furman.  This is SAC's last exhibition before moving into a new space. 

Little Dreams in Glass and Metal

Liz, Tanya and I visited the Fuller to see Little Dreams, and enamel exhibition.  I was quiet impressive to see so much enamel under one roof.  I will say that it was very 2D.  I did however like a lot of the work in the show.  My only complaint was that I wish there was more work form young enamel artist in the show.  Besides a select few most of the work was older work.  In my opinion it created a great timeline but was missing the cherry on the sundae.