Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I was invited to participate in a show called Body Language: Contemporary Art Jewelry at the Wayne Art Center. Liz and I got a sneak peak. It looks like it is going to be a great show! So many great folks in the show.

Body Language: Contemporary Art Jewelry curated by Metalsmith Magazine editor, Suzanne Ramljak is opening at the Wayne Art Center in Wayne, PA November 30 and will be on view through January 26, 2013. The exhibition will run in conjunction with the Wayne Art Center's annual Craft Forms event.

"Jewelry can perform a number of functions, from signaling status to commemorating loss to expressing individual taste. Regardless of personal value or social import, jewelry always relates to the human body, which is its actual or implied site of operation. Indeed, jewelry and the human form are engaged in an intricate dialogue, mutually defining and interpreting each other for the social stage. While all jewelry is intended for our bodies, it can also be created about and of the body.

The exhibition, “Body Language: Contemporary Art Jewelry,” explores the intimate link between object and wearer, and the ways that jewelry modifies and speaks of the body as subject, site, and matter. Among the works on view are pieces depicting anatomical parts; jewelry dealing with physiological processes and interior structures; full figures and silhouettes; and works made from bodily substances like hair or bone. The selected works by twenty-seven contemporary jewelry artists in “Body Language” reveal the potent and telling interplay between the human physique and the objects we choose to attach to ourselves. Through such physical involvement, these jewelers provide insights into the human condition and the eloquence of our corporeal selves."

 - Suzanne Ramljak

After the fifth install of these pins I finally made cases for them. Of course I had my lovely assistant Liz to help install.
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