Friday, August 7, 2009

flipping out!


Well I am back. Of course things couldn't be busier. I have started setting up the new studio. I am trying to get it done as soon as possible. Its not hard when you need a drill and its in a box somewhere among a million other boxes. Did I mention that I hate moving? On another note the Penland class was a HUGE success. I had a blast! I heard rumors that it was the "BEST SESSION EVER!!" It might have been the beer talking. Also I had a great opportunity to prank my pal Adam Whitney by sewing the pockets to his shop apron shut with a whole bunch of his stuff in it.
That was after I super glued a bunch of change to the floor in his storage room. oh man. Anyhoo. The students were great! Here are a couple images I took before I left. Great job you guys! It was a design challenge. I brought kits of materials that included rubber gaskets, heat shrink tubing, stuffed animals, glass bottles, cork, zippers, washers, felt, static cling vinyl, hot glue etc etc etc. All they had to do was make jewelry from it. Here are the results!

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