Monday, October 5, 2015

Susie Ganch and the MFA

Liz and I jumped on the bus to hear Susie Ganch lecture at the MFA in Boston. Susie an I worked together at VCU where I taught a few metal classes here and there. While Liz and I were in Richmond we tried to spend as much time with her as we could. I am so proud to know her! She is amazing! Susie lectured on the work she does for Ethical Metalsmiths and it's offshoot the Radical Jewelry Makeover.  

Her lecture was for the Objects in Flux exhibition curated by Emily Zilber and her work appeared courtesy of the Sienna Gallery. The show featured work by Susie Ganch, Sonya Clark, Rowland Rickets (textile installation), Doug Bucci just to name a few!

This was the second time I had visited the MFA. It seems so different now then it it did then. Their collection of contemporary jewelry seemed to be much larger. Maybe that is my imagination or maybe I wasn't looking for it before. It was so great to see so many metals pieces displayed next to sculpture and paintings. I loved that a small collection of Giampaolo Babettto's brooches were next to an Anish Kapoor sculpture!  Also to see work by Myra Mimlitsch-Gray, Jamie Bennett, Bob Ebendorf and June Schwarcz.

Barbara Seidenath ws kind enough to organize a bus from RISD to Boston. We caught up with Tanya Crane who is teaching metals at the SMFA. She gave us a tour of the metals studio there. More rich history there. So many great tools.  

Back to work.