Friday, October 30, 2009


I can't remember if I posted this. I just watched Objectified with my Digital Fabrication class. It had ups and downs. It kind of made me feel like a waste. I feel like I should be a collector instead of a maker. Are we all just spinning our wheels? How is what I am making important to the world? Do I just make things because I have to? Is it part of who I am? Is it that important? On the eve of SOFA I feel like I need to re-evaluate the subject of my lecture and completely re-work it.



  1. I would guess that you are not alone in your thinking.

  2. Objectified had a similar effect on me when I first watched it. But I think now that actually its not a didactic movie at all and shouldn't make you feel any particular way - its a snapshot of the way a few specific contemporary designers think. Of course, we look at the interviewees and think, ok, he's spot on, but hang on a minute, he's full of it (or even dangerous), and that serves to help us make up our own minds about who we want to be as designers.

    In anycase, conceptual design in absence of mass production should not be an area concerned with the problems of sustainability. And especially jewellery - its so small! What a perfect way to experiment with form and idea with minimal material. Creativity is an essential part of human culture and those that have it are MUST use it.

    Ps. Really enjoying my first encounter with your blog and work.