Friday, November 8, 2013

knife part II

So I picked up the knife blanks.  

Here is what I learned:

  • I used 1/8" 301 304 stainless which may be a little too thick
  • 301 304 stainless is not hardened tool steel so I need to experiment with cutting to determine how long the edge will keep. 301 is the same stainless industrial kitchen table tops are made from. 
  • My design is not perfect.  I think the handle needs to be longer in order for it to be better balanced and usable.  
  • I made two sizes, the larger blade is about eight inches long.   Unfortunately the handle on the larger knife is WAY too small.
  • I need to figure out how to stamp or mark the blade.  
  • I am also rough grinding the blade as much as I can and then I am actually having the edge ground by a cutlery expert near the CIA (Culinary Institute of America).  I would love to do it myself, but until I can get a hold of some proper tools (Belt grinder etc) I am going to leave it to the experts.  
  • I have to alter the design a bit but I would like to make more soon for the holiday season.  
  • I should really put a hole in it, either for rivets or for it to hang on something.  


  1. Exciting! I'd be happy to chat if you're looking any input about knives, including heat treatable stainless types that hold the best edge. I grew up in the knife world, my dad being a knife maker for over 40 years. Here's a link to a knife I finished a couple years ago...

  2. Wow that is really nice. I am still learning. Baby steps. My shop is really for jewelry. The big thing that is missing that would be amazing is a belt grinder. I can painstakingly cut blanks but then putting an edge on them is almost impossible. I even have a kiln with a digital pyrometer that can be programed for tempering. The big problem is there is not room in the shop for anything. So bigger shop for the belt grinder? Probably not. I do have access to a world class knife sharpener. He loves to work on stuff like this but I kind of feel like it is cheating AND I totally want to learn how to do it myself.


    Also, Julie's dad is a world famous knife maker. So cool that she posted here!

  4. I was just hit with a wave of ideas. I am super stoked. Thanks so much you guys. I am probably start off slow. I am super new to this. I know what I like but I am finding out that might not be enough. I will keep posting to the blog some of the new designs. Maybe a little crowd sourcing?